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“A Thousand Words” Movie Review

(Hilarious, Serious, Tearjerker)

I did not have high expectations for “A Thousand Words”.  I expected to have fun, but, was not expecting three different movies (and one outstanding performance) all rolled into one.

Eddie Murphy (a personal favorite) is outstanding as fast taker, over slick, book agent (who by the way does NOT read the books), Jack McCall.  Jack is married, with a young child, and his mother is in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer disease (she thinks Jack is her late husband, Raymond who left the family before he passed away).

Jack is angry….he would do anything to sell a book….and, although he loves his family…he does not show it (he talks a great game…but his true feelings never emerge).

Jack wants to sign up mega-popular, meditation guru, Dr. Sinja (Cliff Curtis) who he has learned has written a book. Visiting Dr. Sinja, Jack does what Jack does best….he talks his way into the book deal.  Talk, talk, talk.  Slick, slick, slick.  In Dr. Sinja’s back yard, Jack leans against a tree and is pricked, drawing blood.  From that moment on, Jack and the tree (which then grows in Jack’s backyard) are one.  For every word Jack utters, the tree loses a leaf.  If the tree is watered, Jack gets wet.  When Jack tries to chop down the tree….he gets hurt.

Problem is…when all the leaves on the tree are gone…Jack dies.

To see what happens you will have to go see “A Thousand Words”.

Eddie Murphy is TERRIFIC as the three Jacks: The fast talking Jack, the Jack who tries not to talk, and the Jack who finally finds his true self.


“A Thousand Words” is a surprisingly fantastic movie, with a fantastic message.  No f-words, but, he does flash the bird and the tree loses two leaves…very funny.  Ok for kids, I suppose, but the movie does get dark so beware that it changes from a comedy to a drama to a tearjerker very quickly.

Go to IMDb for more information.   We watched this at Tracy, CA CineMark where our poster is STILL UP!  Look up as you leave the theater!  :-))))

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.



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