“The Words” Movie Review

Reading the critic’s reviews, I wonder what movie they were watching, or, where their brains were during the movie.  I kind of suspect that if one “famous” critic gives a bad review, then the unthinking masses follow suit afraid to not rock the boat.

Well….I am rocking the boat.

“The Words” is an INCREDIBLE movie.

The acting is wonderful, but, above that, Jeremy Irons shines like the sun.  He should get an Oscar.  If he does not at least get nominated, there is something terribly wrong with the system.

This is a movie about Plagiarism.  Beyond saying that, I will ruin the movie, so this is it.

Engage your brain, don’t expect action, bombs blowing up, or shoot outs, and just enjoy a terrific movie.  This is a low key talking movie that is truly engaging as long as your brain is working.  Those critics who give this movie a bad review (in my opinion) simply did not bring their intellect with them, or are acting like unthinking lemmings blindly following their critic leader to the ocean.

Adult theme.  Kids and teens would not like it.  No f-words that I can recall.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this movie at the Tracy, CA CineMark where our poster is STILL UP!  🙂

Drive Safe!  Never Forget (Carol, Chris, Kassy, and Bobby)



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