“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” Movie Review

4-Watertowers ForCarol.com Movie Review(Vampires and Wolves Unite)

Bella is torn between Edward (who she has the hots for, and loves) and Jacob (her longtime friend, who she also loves).

eclipseUnfortunately for Bella…another not so nice vampire, Victoria (played by Bryce Dallas Howard), is still planning revenge on Bella (for killing her mate) and will stop at nothing to get her.

Victoria is building an army of new vampires to help her get to the sweet smelling Bella, unbeknownst to her, the wolves and vampires of Forks have teamed up to protect Bella.

A battle is brewing.

“Eclipse” is the third Twilight movie (and book).   There are no f-words that I recall but, the vampires heads being ripped off can be disturbing for many (even though the heads come off like china breaking).

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this on our new Blu-Ray Twilight disc set.  Two more movies to go….one book.  🙂

I am enjoying the series…a lot.

Drive Safe!  Never Forget.

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