“Red 2” Movie Review

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Most of the original cast is back for another rousing edition of Retired Extremely Dangerous ex-CIA killers. Red 2 is funny and thrilling….a perfect summer getaway movie.

red 2

Frank (Bruce Willis) and his over eager girlfriend Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) have settled into retirement. Frank is a Costco fanboy and is taking care of his home with a vengence.  Marvin (perfectly played by the amazing John Malkovich) stalks Frank and Sarah in Costco and says they need to get back in the game since a viral video was released connecting them to “NightShade”.

The U.S. Govt contracts Han (Byung-hun Lee) and the British government hires Victoria (Helen Mirren) to kill Frank and company.  They do not want NightShade to be found as it may be blown up costing millions of lives.

Red 2 is an amazingly fun thriller with a great cast and one absolutely perfect performance by Malkovich.  If only the Oscars would reward comedies….Malkovich’s facial expressions and comedic timing were spot-on perfect, he deserves an award.

No f-words that I recall, but, lots of bloodless violence and the body count rises throughout the movie.  There were a lot of younger kids in the audience and the audience was very interactive and not afraid to laugh out loud.

Red 2 is better than the first Red and Red 3 is probably on it’s way.  🙂

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this at the very busy CineMark Tracy theater.



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