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After reading the reviews, I was not sure I wanted to go see “2 Guns”.

2 guns

Overcoming my trepidation (because of Wahlberg) I am glad we went!  I have no idea what the reviewers reviewed, but, I suspect they did not watch this movie, as their reviews were way off base.  This is a funny action filled thriller with great performances by one of my favorites (Mark Wahlberg as Stig) and an accomplished actor who is rising quickly on my list (Denzel Washington as Bobby).

Don’t listen to the hoity-toity critics….go see “2 Guns” for a rousing, fun (if at times bloody), two hour vacation from reality.  Not for kids, with violence, f-words and one really nice, rather long, naked boob scene (Paula Patton as Deb).

Stig and Bobby are teamed up as drug running Americans.  How they got teamed up is kinda unclear, but, unkown to each other, they are both working for the U.S. Gov’t.  One is DEA, the other Navy Intelligence.  As part of Stig’s undercover work, they rob a bank, and unwittingly steal money from not only the intended party, but, someone else (Bill Paxton as Earl) who is really pissed (and out $41 million) and has the power to kill everyone involved until he gets his money back.

Deceit and treachery abound from the most unlikely people.

To see what happens you will have to go see the movie.  🙂

For more information go to IMDb.  We watched this movie at the Tracy, CA CineMark.

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