Claire Guite

Claire is the 2015 Carol Phan College Scholarship winner!

Claire will be attending CSU Long Beach, majoring in Fashion Design.

UPDATE: Claire graduated from CSU Long Beach in May 2019, she is now working in the fashion industry. We hope to be getting an update from Claire soon. 🙂

Go here to see Claire’s work:

Here is Claire’s essay describing the work she has posted on the website:

My passion for art, creativity, and fashion is something I want to share with those around me.Through artwork, I am able to express my love for fashion, the beach, animals, flowers, and other things.  On this website, I have placed a variety of artwork and sketches from the past few years, ones that I feel are some of my best.  I like to create pieces that are unique and true to myself, and I enjoy experimenting with different mediums, including paint, oil pastel, henna, colored pencils and more.  When I create a piece, I want it to have energy and emotion, and I want it to reflect my personality in some way, even through a school-related project. Some examples of this include flipping hair, the movement of waves in the ocean, balancing an object on one’s head, or the creation of stillness and drama.  Art and fashion are such a huge part of my life, and that is why I have chosen Cal State Long Beach for a degree in Fashion Design, to further my skills and enhance my abilities.

Feel free to browse through my projects via the URL above, and enjoy.


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