“Fill-the-Bag” Sponsors 2016


2016 classroom supplies
Thank you SPONSORS for a great 2016 “Fill-the-Bag” with classroom supplies campaign.

Most of  the 2015 sponsors are returning in 2016.

See the 2016 list of sponsors below (click the logo to visit their web site).

Our newest sponsor:  Visit the Pink Turtle Ice Cream Shop next to Tracy High.



The Popal Family

the popal family
The Popal Family donated two bags and lots of paper to 3rd grade and 5th grade teachers at Kelly. 🙂

The Inman Family

Inman family
Wow!  Two bags are going to Villa teachers, the third bag I get to pick a teacher from Central or South.

NEW SMALL BUSINESS SPONSORS for 2016 (click logo to visit web site)

lifeleadership 2

Stephanie Gates
Stephanie donated a very heavy bag of classroom supplies! Thank you!! 🙂


larry school supplies
Larry Hite donated two huge bags of classroom supplies to ForCarol!  Thank you Larry.  That’s Blaze, meeting Larry.  🙂

silva pet care

silva pet sitting
Cathy donated a ton of school supplies for local teachers.  I REALLY need to start lifting weights again! 🙂

new smile logo

new smile donates
Dr, Hu donated an office full of classroom supplies!  Three of us had to take them to the car. 🙂

hbr rentals

karen jordan donates supplies
Thank you, Karen for your VERY generous donation of classroom supplies!  We have known each other since….1995?  TeleCon !!  🙂

taylor farms

taylor farms Robin
Thank you Taylor Farms (Robin Lopez) for donating a lots of supplies and paper! You can tell we were having fun.  🙂

grant line smiles

Grant Line Smiles
Thank you to the Grant Line Smiles team for their very generous donation of classroom supplies!  Lots of fun taking the picture in a crowded office. 🙂

benham accounting

behnam 2016
Thank you for a last minute donation from Mitra Behnam.  🙂  A much needed box of copy paper and some office supplies for a lucky teacher.

RETURNING SMALL BUSINESS SPONSORS from 2015 (Click here for a LOT MORE info on each business)

nnis logo

NNIS 2016
Cami, Myron, and the NNIS Computer team had the supplies ready for bagging. We laughed and NERDed out for awhile…great fun. Cami said 2017 is a go!  🙂


lila vazquez farmers ins

lilia at farmers
Lilia at Farmers had the supplies ready! I left the bag for clients to fill up. 🙂

bbva logo

Thank you, Brandon and the whole BBVA Compass team (Tiffany too!) for donating a ton of cool classroom supplies for the second year! 🙂  I would put up the funniest picture, but…..haha


trosien logo

dr trosien
THANK YOU!! To Beth and Dr. Trosien for donating a bunch of cool supplies for Ms. Luperine at Villa!  🙂  Dr. Trosien says he is ready for next year. 🙂


the pampered chef

jennifer with supplies
Jennifer donated a bunch of supplies and paper, paper, paper (not seen but on the cart….and heavy!) 🙂


your girl friday logo

Thank you Jan for this amazing donation of classroom supplies!  The teachers said they NEED paper….Jan is giving them paper (and a lot of other stuff)!  🙂


Drive Safe!  Never Forget.



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