Movie Review: “Broken Flowers”

3.5-Watertowers movie reviews(Quirky, Quiet, Droll)

Don Johnston’s (Bill Murray) latest girlfriend just walked out. But, Don takes this life changing event like he seems to take everything else: Quietly.

broken flowers blogIn the foyer, there is a pink envelope among the incoming mail that his now ex-girlfriend thinks is from his current lover. Don opens it and finds that it is typed in red ink and appears to be from a past lover who says she had a boy with him. That boy is now 19 and may show up at his door. The letter is not signed and the postmark is unreadable so there is no way to track the writer…or is there?

Winston (Jeffery Wright) is Don’s next door neighbor and friend. Winston is a wanna-be detective and decides to engage in an online investigation. He asks Don to list his girlfriends from that time period and he will try to track them down.

Don gives him the list, and a short time later, Winston gives him an itinerary to visit all four of the living ex’s (one has died) with instructions to look for a tendency towards pink and to try to find an old typewriter.

Don does not want to go, but, being wealthy (computers) and having lots of time on his hands, he goes. What he finds is…….oh, you will just have to watch it to find out.

“Broken Flowers” is Bill Murray at his droll-est. He spends most of the movie silently watching life pass him by at his own speed which is slower and more deliberate than everyone else. He is perfectly content just to sit and stare, and the movie does the same. Very interesting and Murray pulls it off perfectly. Even one scene when the very beautiful daughter of one of his ex’s, Lolita (Alexis Dziena), comes out to get her phone completely naked, Don just sits and watches….silently.

Not for kids, and not for those who expect lots of talking or action, but, I loved it!

Quirky, Quiet, and Perfectly Droll.

Go to IMDB for more information.  We watched this on Chromecast on Google Play.

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