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“Gone Girl” Movie Review

4-Watertowers Movie Review(Masterful, Murderous, Manipulation)

Nick (Ben Affleck) and Amy (Rosamund Pike) Dunne have been married for 5 years, but, love has been lost and Nick wants a divorce.

gone girl blogFinally making that fateful decision, Nick comes home one day to find a broken coffee table and Amy missing.

Not really broken hearted, Nick calls the police and the investigation into Amy’s mysterious disappearance commences. A press conference is scheduled to raise awareness and hopefully generate leads.

At the press conference, the media finds a husband who is acting like he does not care. He smiles for the cameras in front of a picture of his missing wife and smiles in a selfie with a very attractive woman. He is not crying uncontrollably and, in fact, is quite calm and collected. The media plays his attitude up, and, even though he maintains his innocence, Nick becomes a villain in the eyes of millions.

His life, under the microscope of media attention, spirals out of control with all the clues pointing to his guilt.

“Gone Girl” is a riveting depiction of masterful manipulation and deception. The acting is terrific and the mood tense. Not for kids or those with weak hearts.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this with our new Xfinity X1 service in the free movie section.  Gotta love technology!

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