“The Loft” Movie Review

3.5-Watertowers(Five Cheaters and a Dead Woman)

Architect Vincent Stevens (Bones…..errr, Karl Urban) is proud of the new building he designed. During the grand opening party, he takes his four best friends to see the loft.

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The loft is a beautiful space that the five of them can use for whatever they desire…without their wives ever knowing. The rules are simple: Tell the friends when you will be there and tell no one else about the loft. Five special keys were made for each of the friends.

One day, Luke (Wentworth Miller), finds a dead woman on the bed. Freaking out, he calls the others to come to the loft to decide what to do. They come then the movie flashes between the present (the five being interviewed in the police station) the recent events (the five guys deciding what to do) and the past revealing the skeletons in each of the friends actions leading up to this day.

Who killed the woman?  The ending is surprising.

“The Loft” is a nice thriller with a good cast.  The five guys are dirt bags masquerading as successful, nice, people. Not for kids as it has sex scenes, blood, and violent death.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We watched this on Netflix.  Thank you, Ryan!

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