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“American Made” Movie Review

Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) was bored with his job as a TWA short run pilot.

To liven things up a bit, he would sometimes take the plane off of auto pilot and wake up the passengers, blaming turbulence.

He was also running Cuban cigars.

It was the cigar running that caught the attention of the CIA in the name of Monty Schafer (Domhall Gleeson) who offered him a new plane to fly, some exciting work, and money.

Barry took him up on his offer, and soon found himself doing flybys, and taking pictures of, terrorist camps in Nicaragua and other Central American countries….and getting paid. The job expanded rapidly into running guns to the Sandinistas, then owning (courtesy of the CIA) an airport and 2000 acres in Mena, Arkansas to train the Sandinistas, then exchanging money for information with Noriega….all kinds of bad shit.

He did not tell his wife, Lucy (Sarah Wright), about this new job (and one other job he picked up as a drug runner for Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel) preferring to keep her out of the information loop for as long as possible…..which turned out to be not long as…..

….Cash from all sides was piling up.  In fact he was bringing home so much cash that he had no place to store it all as every available space, including in the ground, was taken. Life was exciting and good!

But, you just knew everything was going to come crashing down.  And it did…..sort of, well, yeah, it did.

“American Made” is an interesting, fun movie based on a real person and real events during the Reagan administration: the Iran-Contra stuff (I remember Iran-Contra and loved the movie, Lori does not remember it and did not like it as much).  So I guess, if you are an oldy like me, you should love this movie. For those who haven’t heard of Oliver North: Click the above links to learn some history!  🙂  Other than the fascinating history lesson, Tom Cruise was great as Barry Seal.

Go to IMDb for more information.  We saw it at the Tracy, CA Cinemark.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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