“Whatever Works” Movie Review

Think for yourself and grab the happiness within you.

Boris (Larry David) is a brilliant ex-physics professor who thinks he is the only one who sees the big picture.  And that picture is not encouraging as, according to Boris, we are all stupid and doomed to misery beyond our limited comprehension.

One night coming home, Boris runs into Melody Celestine (Evan Rachel Wood) who claims she ran away from North Carolina and is starving here in New York City.  Boris reluctantly takes her in “for 2 minutes” so she can eat something, then be on her way.

Well……Melody stays, and eventually, the oddest couple (happy go-lucky 20-something and doom and gloom 60-something) get married and change the lives of themselves and of Melody’s mother, Marietta (Patricia Clarkson), and father, John (Ed Begley, Jr.).

Eventually, Melody realizes that she needs to be as happy as she can be and meets the love of her life, Randy (Henry Cavill), leaving the suicidal gloom and doom old man to his own devices.

“Whatever Works” is a weird, but ultimately eye-opening Woody Allen film about…….life.  Your life is your life and YOU need to take control of it and live it the way that makes YOU happy.  Feel free to reject the rules and restrictions given to you by religion, politics, and an Orange Dotard, and be happy….for yourself.

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