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“The Circle” Movie Review

If the events in “The Circle” do not scare the shit out of you……they should.

As I write this (March 28, 2018) the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica “scandal” is just developing.  In case you are living under a rock, Facebook gathers as much information on YOU as they possibly can. They store this information, they analyze it, then they sell it to others to make money with YOUR information.  Those who buy it (for example, Cambridge Analytica) can use YOUR information in ways that can, potentially, change the course of history.  In this particular instance, Cambridge Analytica is alleged to have influenced the U.S. elections in favor of the Orange Dotard. We will see how this all works out.

The most scary part?  The events in the above paragraph were addressed as fiction in “The Circle”.  That means that in less than a year since the movie was released, the real world is on the threshold of the fiction in “The Circle” becoming reality.  Very, very, very, scary.

Mae Holland (Emma Watson) is working at a boring, dead end job, when her friend, Annie (Karen Gillan) manages to get her an interview at “The Circle”.

Successfully answering the asinine questions of the interview, Mae is offered the job  (with health and dental benefits for her and her parents), and starts work at the “best company in the world”.

Shortly after starting, Mae starts learning more about the goals of “The Circle”.  To unite the world under their umbrella by in-taking, storing, and analyzing all information, on everyone, and making that information available to everyone.

Transparency of information is the key. Controlling people and governments and, ultimately, history are the goals.

Mae eats this up and becomes the spokesperson for “The Circle” by becoming the first person to go completely “transparent”.

To see what happens, you will have to watch the movie.  🙂

“The Circle” came out to harsh reviews from both critics and movie goers even though it is a terrific, thought provoking, movie.  I suspect the content was either too difficult to understand, too technical, or too scary.  Well…….anyone who follows the real news in 2018, should understand it now, as it is proving to be a foreshadowing of things to come.

As Tom Hank’s character, Eamon Bailey (CEO and Founder of The Circle), says:

“We’re so fucked”

On the lighter side. Emma / Mae enters a room filled with books and her eyes light up. As she toys around with a sculpture, Annie says something like “aren’t you the clever one”.  Hanks / Eamon Bailey, during a Steve Jobs like presentation, throws a gold colored spherical camera into the audience where Emma / Mae catches it. That camera looks an awful lot like a snitch.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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