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“Life of the Party” Movie Review

Deanna (Melissa McCarthy) was a senior studying archaeology at Decatur University when she left school to have her baby, Maddie (Molly Gordon).

20 some odd years later, Deanna and her husband, Dan (Matt Walsh), are dropping Maddie off for her senior year at Decatur when Dan tells Deanna that he is divorcing her.

Devastated and surprised, Deanna, re-evaluates her life and her choices over the years.

The one thing she regrets most is not finishing college.

Soooooo, Deanna enrolls at Decatur for her senior year, and quickly becomes the life of the party.  At college, Deanna meets new friends (including her own daughter), meets a guy one-half her age, parties, studies, and thoroughly enjoys the college experience…..and being single.

“Life of the Party” is hilarious!  The perfect antidote to the more intense Marvel universe and the dark times we find ourselves living in. The whole theater was laughing out loud. Melissa McCarthy is a comic genius, and with a great supporting cast (several from SNL), “Life of the Party” is the perfect movie to see while waiting for Solo.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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