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“The Ultimate Gift” Movie Review

Jason Stevens (Drew Fuller) is exactly like his older relatives: Spoiled, rich, lazy, arrogant, entitled, and greedy.

He and his grandfather, Howard (James Garner), have not talked in years, so when it comes time to collect the inheritance, Jason assumed he would get nothing and was about to leave Mr. Hamilton’s (Bill Cobbs) office when he was summoned back.

It turns out that his grandfather, before he died, prepared a video for Jason giving him tasks (gifts) to complete to Mr. Hamilton’s satisfaction before he got his inheritance. If he failed any of the “gifts” he got nothing.

The “gifts” included: Manual labor, friendship, money (or lack thereof), learning, and a few others.  Initially, Jason thought this a big waste of time (after all he has money coming in from the rich family) and was just going to go home and forget it.

Good thing he didn’t as he found: True love with Emily (Abigail Breslin) and her mother, Alexia (Ali Hillis), the value of hard work, compassion……and a lot lot more.

But…….did he get the inheritance?

“The Ultimate Gift” is a terrific movie about life, love, the value of hard-work, and compassion.

Go to IMDb for more information.

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