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“Paris Can Wait” Movie Review

Anne Lockwood (Diane Lane) has taken a vacation to Cannes, France with her movie producer husband, Michael (Alec Baldwin).

Unfortunately, Michael is super busy (in fact, he has been super busy his entire married life) and Anne is feeling like she always feels; ignored, bored, and in need of a boost to help her enjoy life again.

That boost comes in the form of an ear ache that forces Anne to cancel a flight to Budapest with Michael.  Instead, Jacques Clement (Arnaud Viard), who is heading to Paris by car, offers to take Anne there where she can then meet up with Michael when he arrives.

The drive from Cannes to Paris takes about 8 hours, but, this drive takes several days as Anne and Jacques enjoy the scenery, the food, the wine……and……..

To find out what happens, you will have to see the movie.  🙂

“Paris Can Wait” is a fun, scenic, food-filled, life affirming, trip though France.  Diane Lane is fantastic as always.  Equally great is Arnaud Viard.  Alec Baldwin has a very small part, easily done from the set of SNL.  😉

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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