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“Oceans Twelve” Movie Review

Three years after the events in Oceans 11, the victim, Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) has tracked down all the thieves and given them all 2 weeks to pay back what they stole from him (plus interest)…..or die.

Since all but one of the team members has spent most, if not all, of their money from Oceans 11, they decide it is time for another heist, but this time in Europe.

Finding only small jobs which will take years to pay Terry back, they find out that an extremely valuable Faberge egg is being transferred to a museum.  They also learn that master thief, Francois Toulour (Vincent Cassel), is up to a challenge:  If the Oceans 12 team gets the Faberge egg first, Francois will pay off Benedict thus saving their lives.  If Toulour gets the Faberge egg first, the Oceans 12 team dies.

To see who wins the race for the Faberge egg….you will have to watch the movie. 🙂

“Oceans Twelve” is not as sharp as Oceans 11 and it is a bit confusing with a lot going on, but, it is still a fun movie to watch with a ton of stars. Bruce Willis makes a very funny cameo and almost ruins everything for the 12 team.

Tess Ocean (Julia Roberts) plays Julia Roberts….also very funny.  🙂

Go to IMDb for more information.

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