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“Oddball” Movie Review

“Oddball” is based on a true story of Maremma sheep dogs protecting tiny penguins from predators. Click to visit the web page of the Warrnambool Penguins.

Warrnambool, Australia has an easily accessible (via shallow water) island, Middle Island, that at one time had been home to thousands of tiny penguins.  Several years ago, foxes looking for an “easy meal”, found their way to the island and started feasting on the penguins. Over several years, the population of penguins dipped to below 10.

Emily Marsh (Sarah Snook) is the park ranger in charge of the penguin sanctuary on Middle Island.  Everyday Emily and her team count the penguins and are dismayed that they will soon number less than 10.  When that number is reached, the sanctuary, which her late mother founded, will be disbanded.

Emily’s father Swampy Marsh (Shane Jacobson) and daughter Olivia (Coco Jack Gillies) hatch a plan to save the penguins by bringing his dog, Oddball (Kai), to the island to spend the nights.

At first they did this as an experiment, then, when Olivia spilled the beans to her mother, they realized that having Oddball out there at night lowered the death count of the penguins due to foxes to zero.  Amazing!

Not everyone was happy about this though, and some townspeople did their best to eliminate the penguins for their own profit.

“Oddball” is a fun, educational, movie based on real events. We loved it.

Go to IMDb for more information.

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