“Set It Up” Movie Review and Trailer

Harper (Zoey Deutch) is an overworked assistant to famous sports writer, Kirsten (Lucy Liu).

Charlie (Glen Powell) is an overworked assistant to famous  start-up investor, Rick (Taye Diggs).

Meeting at midnight in the office building where they work, Harper and Charlie strike a compromise over a dinner for Kirsten that Harper ordered but does not have the cash to pay for.  They also strike up a friendship as overworked and hassled kindred souls who are not achieving their own goals: She to write, he to get a promotion.

As the friendship grows, Harper and Charlie decide that if their respective, single, bosses are set up and start “banging”, they will have more free time. With that in mind……a plan is hatched to have Kirsten and Rick meet, and, since Harper and Charlie are in control of their bosses calendars….to have them keep meeting until they, hopefully, fall in love.

Does the plan work?  To find out, you will have to watch the movie on Netflix. 🙂

“Set It Up” is a fun rom-com. Laugh out loud funny, cringing-ly uncomfortable, but, ultimately leading to Harper and Charlie understanding who they are……versus who they want to be.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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