Movie Review: “Stone of Destiny”

The “Stone of Destiny” is a true story of how Ian Hamilton (Charlie Cox) and his daredevil team of Scottish Nationalists retook control of the Scottish “Stone of Scone” from England in 1950.

in 1950, the Scottish Nationalist movement was fighting headwinds as most Scottish people were content to just live their lives as underlings to England.

One daring Nationalist, Ian Hamilton, knew how to re-ignite Scottish pride and independence:  Steal the “Stone of Destiny” from it’s current location in Westminster Abby and bring it back to it’s rightful home….Scotland.

When his first team member bailed so as not to jeopardize his classwork, Ian recruited Kay Matheson (Kate Mara), Gavin Vernon (Stephen McCole), and Alan Stuart (Claron Kelly).

Together, with funding help from John MacCormick (Rumple….err, Robert Carlyle), the four intrepid Scottish Nationalists accomplished the unthinkable.

“Stone of Destiny” is an excellent true adventure. The daredevil (ok ,that’s the second time I did that…get it?) team of amateur thieves brought Scotland back it’s pride.

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