“Love’s Kitchen” Movie Review and Trailer

Rob (Dougray Scott) had a thriving restaurant when his wife died in a car crash (Drive Safe! Never Forget).

After that, Rob no longer cared about the quality of his food and the business started to suffer.  After meeting with old friend, Gordon Ramsay, and reading an awful review of his restaurant, Rob decided to pick himself up and start fresh by purchasing a restaurant his wife wanted to buy and get back into making really good food again.

Opening the new restaurant, Rob meets food critic, Kate Templeton (Claire Forlani), who tastes his dishes, loves them, then writes a review.

Zillions of people start coming to the restaurant and love blooms.

Until someone tries to destroy Rob……

“Love’s Kitchen” is a fun movie, totally worth the rental cost. Rob is very concerned about Driving Safe!……unfortunately, we know. 😦

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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