“Adventures in Public School” Movie Review and Trailer

“Adventures in Public School” Movie Review and Trailer

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Claire (Judy Greer) has home-schooled Liam (Daniel Doheny) for his entire life. They have a close, sometimes cringe-worthy, relationship as Mom is #1 on his friends list Dad? is #2 and he recently added an Uncle as #3….end of list.

Entering the local high school to take the test that will determine if he graduates or not, Liam is more than prepared academically and finishes the test with plenty of time to spare.

Then he sees the one-legged girl, Anastasia (Siobhan Williams).

Liam turns around, erases all his answers and fills in new ones….and FAILS home-schooling. His mother is appalled.

Entering high school for the next few months, with the goal of winning over the one-legged girl, Liam’s life opens up to a new world of experiences, not the least of which is that he learns he must actually talk to Anastasia to get her to like him. He also is, for the first time, exposed to drugs, sex, parties……LIFE!

“Adventures in Public School” is a very funny, sometimes uncomfortable look at a very smart teenager experiencing life outside of the womb for the first time. Mom is having a hard time, but, Liam is learning a lot of new stuff (like kissing a girl is way more fun than kissing the back of your hand) and he is loving it.  Lots of F-words (Liam learns that word too), partying, drinking, drugs, sexual situations, and weird mother-son closeness.

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