“The Girl on the Train” Movie Review and Trailer

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Rachel (Emily Blunt) rides the train to and from New York City everyday.

She passes her old house, now occupied by her ex, Tom (Justin Theroux), and his new wife, Anna (Rebecca Ferguson) twice a day.  And she makes sure she is in the right seat to see the house and her old neighborhood. Talk about torture!

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As the train goes by, Rachel sees her old neighbors, Scott (Luke Evans) and Meghan (Haley Bennett), having what Rachel thinks is the perfect marriage….until one morning when Rachel sees Meghan kiss another man.

Something clicks in Rachel…..something bad.

Rachel, who is an alcoholic with a tendency toward blackouts, always relied on Tom to tell her what happened the night before (when she was drunk as a skunk).  She has violent tendencies, or so she believes.

When Meghan goes missing, Rachel’s world turns upside down as she spirals out of control while trying to help Scott find his missing wife.

What happens will shock you.

“The Girl on the Train” is a terrific, tense, twisted thriller that leads you into the confused world of Rachel’s messed up mind.  But….is Rachel really crazy?  THAT is the question.  The cinematography leads you visually into Rachel’s confusion. Very cool.  Not for kids.  A bit bloody at the end.

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