“Murder on the Orient Express” Movie Review

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Famous detective, Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh), is ready to take a few days off to re-charge his brain cells.

Boarding the Orient Express train in Istanbul headed to Paris and, eventually, England.  Hercule grabs a Dickens book and starts his mini-vacation.

Fellow passenger,  Edward Ratchett (Johnny Depp), seeks out Poirot in an attempt to hire him to cover his back.  You see, Edward is not a nice guy and his life is being threatened. Even though Ratchett has a gun, he says he will feel better if Hercule had his back.

Poirot refuses.

That night, Ratchett is found in his cabin stabbed 12 times….dead as a doornail.  Goodbye, Jack Sparrow…..

While the train is buried under an avalanche, Poirot, the most famous detective in the world, has to put aside his vacation to find a killer.

To see what happens, you will have to watch the movie.  🙂

“Murder on the Orient Express” is based on one of 33 Hercule Poirot books by Agatha Christie. And the movie unfolds just like a book requiring your undivided attention. So put away your smartphones and concentrate: You may be able to solve the mystery before Poirot, like Lori did, or you may guess wrong, like I did.  Looking back, the clues are all there for the figuring out.

Overall, this is a fun movie with a cast of heavyweight actors…..and one Jedi.

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