“Aquaman” Movie Review

“Aquaman” Movie Review

Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) was wounded on the rocks when a lighthouse keeper, Tom (Temuera Morrison), found her and nursed her back to health.

Even though Atlanna and Tom were from different worlds, she a royal from Atlantis, he a human from the surface world, they fell in love, and Arthur (Jason Momoa) entered this world: A half muggle…..errrrr, half surface human, half Atlantin, with powers beyond that of your ordinary Superman.

Years later, the King of Atlantis, Atlanna’s supposed husband, sent his forces to take her back. She fought them off but eventually went back to Atlantis voluntarily to save Arthur’s life.

Fast forward a hole bunch of years and Arthur is now “Aquaman” saving people, ships, and generally protecting people at sea. He is the true King of Atlantis (being Atlanna’s first born even though he is a muggle).

One day, Princess Mera (Amber Heard), comes to bring him back so he can defeat his younger, pure blood brother, King Orm (Patrick Wilson), from becoming the “Master of the Sea” and starting a full-blown war with the surface world.

“Aquaman” is a visual feast with a nice linear plot of how one half-muggle becomes King. The action is nearly non-stop and the computer graphics are fantastic……painting an under-the-sea Atlantis (and other worlds) as beautifully architected technologically advanced civilizations living in harmony with the sea and it’s many creatures.

It’s those damn surface people that are the problem: They pollute the waters, they send terrorists and start wars, they tweet shit all the time…..sad, bad, people that must be kept out at all costs (at least $5 billion clams).

But Arthur will take of everyone when he becomes King…..whew.

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Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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