“Game Night” Movie Review

“Game Night” Movie Review

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Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) have been hosting game night at their house for a long time.

game night 2All their friends show up and have a great time playing charades, jenga, scrabble, etc. while enjoying each others company.

A nice way to unwind from reality.

One week, Max’s older brother, Brooks (Kyle Chandler), shows up and tells everyone he is moving back to town. In fact, he has a nice rented house and will be more than happy to host the next game night.

At the next game night, Max has a whole new game planned: A kidnapping and murder game where the participants have to try to find the victim before they are “murdered” by the kidnappers.

Only one problem……the kidnapping may, or may not, be real.  Yikes!

“Game Night” is an interesting movie alternately funny and brutal, but, it will always keep you wondering: “Is this part of the game, or is it real?”  To find out which it is……you will have to rent the movie.

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