“Someone Great” Movie Review

Jenny Young (Gina Rodriguez) and Nate Davis (LaKeith Stanfield) have been dating for 9 years. They live in New York City.

Jenny landed a fantastic job in San Francisco and said “YES” I will take it.

Good for her!


Nate did not like this and there was a mutual break-up.

Good riddance, Nate…..oh, sorry, that is not what happens.

What happens is……

Jenny agonizes excessively over the breakup and her pending move to SF, then includes her two best friends, Blair (Brittany Snow) and Erin (DeWanda Wise), in on the agony. Now there are three very immature people agonizing excessively.

The three friends drug it up, drink themselves in a stupor, and plan (by sleeping with a guy, TWICE in the same day, to get general admission tickets where is your self-respect?) to attend their “last” concert together.

Growing up is so damn hard….may as well deaden our brains to reality and sleep with anyone to get what we want. OMG.


Get over it! Life is tough and it will get tougher. Then some REALLY bad SHIT will happen (you are on the right web site for that).

We wanted to see “Someone Great” because of Gina. We will be a lot more careful next time as this movie sucked. And Gina was a producer. We hope she starts making better choices after Jane is over.

Go to IMDb for more information.

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