“Always Be My Maybe” Movie Review

Native San Franciscan’s Sasha Tran (Ali Wong) and Marcus Kim (Randall Park) have been friends since they were little kids. Best friends.

When they were 18, Marcus’s mother died in an accident, and trying to console him, Sasha kissed him. He kissed her back and one thing lead to another and….well, they were, now, more than friends.

But Marcus did not take the intimacy well and he pretty much jerked out at Burger King. Not needing his crap, Sasha walked out….

16 years later…..

Sasha is a world renowned chef getting ready to open a new restaurant in San Francisco. She is renting a beautiful house that needs some air conditioning work.

Sasha’s partner in the restaurant, Veronica (Michelle Buteau), calls Harry & Son Heating and Air Conditioning to handle the repairs. Harry (James Saito) is, of course, Marcus’s dad, and Marcus is the AC guy that shows up at Shasa’s house.


To see what happens next, you will have to watch the movie. 🙂

“Always Be My Maybe” is a fun rom-com with a few sad real-life moments and one Kleenex worthy eye-nose-gusher. Randall Park is always great and Ali Wong matched him step-for-step. Keanu Reeves is, well, Keanu Reeves. He had a much bigger part than I expected, and, the whole cast perked up, especially Ali, when he was on screen.

Must see!


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