“I Feel Pretty” Movie Review

Renee Bennett (Amy Shumer) work on the web site of a super sophisticated, stuck up, cosmetics firm run by Avery LeClaire (Michelle Williams). She and her colleague, Mason (Adrian Martinez), are hidden away, working in a basement in Chinatown (New York City).

One look at the people at headquarters, and you know why these two are in a basement.

Renee has issues with the way she looks. Joining a gym, she is embarrassed to ask for extra wide shoes while EVERYONE at the gym is beautiful, thin….and stuck up. To make matters worse, the excercycle Renee uses breaks…more than once. Ouch.

The second time it breaks, Renee hits her head.

Waking up from that fall, Renee sees a more beautiful Renee in the mirror! Her wish to be beautiful has finally come true….and her attitude, and confidence changes. Not necessarily for the best.

With renewed confidence, Renee finds a guy, Ethan (Rory Scovill), gets a dream job in headquarters, but, unfortunately, treats her best friends, Vivian (Aidy Bryant) and Jane (Busy Phillips), like shit.

To see what happens, you will have to watch the movie! 🙂

“I Feel Pretty” is a funny, heartwarming, story of being who you are and accepting who you are. YOU are beautiful! Amy Shumer is really really good in this movie.

Go to IMDb for more information

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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