“The Upside” Movie Review

Philip Lacasse (Bryan Cranston) is a wealthy financier and author. He lost his wife to cancer, and, then, he lost his arms and legs to a paragliding accident.

He is very depressed and, truthfully, would rather just die. In fact, he is mad at his longtime executive, Yvonne Pendleton (Nicole Kidman), for saving his life one day.

That said…..Philip is in need of a “life auxiliary” person to help with his daily activities, and the process of interviewing prospects is underway.

Dell Scott (Kevin Hart) has recently gotten out of jail and needs signatures to prove he is looking for work. He does not want to work…he just needs those damn signatures so he can stay out of jail.

Fate took control as Dell went on the interview with a ton of other people for the “life auxiliary” position which he knows NOTHING about. He just wants that signature so he can be on his way.

Philip likes his spunk and hires him! Needless to say, Philip and Dell, change each others lives for the better.

“The Upside” is a terrific movie. Moving, fun, funny, heartwarming, sad, with a great cast. Kevin Hart is one of our favorites….he is playing a different role here, deeper, serious, and dang-it….he is great! Bryan Cranston and Nicole Kidman are both what they are: Great actors. If someone does not win an Oscar for this movie, there is something wrong. It is THAT good.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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