“Juanita” Movie Review

Unhappy woman travels to Montana to find her mojo again…

Juanita (Alfre Woodard) has three grown children: One is in jail, one had a baby at 19 is unemployed and living at home, and one is on his way to thug-hood and is also unemployed (at least legally).

All Juanita has in her life to make her happy is a patient at the hospital where she works, and an active sex life with imaginary Blair Underwood (Blair Underwood).

Juanita is not happy, and, after her favorite patient dies, she decides she needs a change of scenery to get her life back.

Juanita picks out a random place on the map (Note: I did the same many years ago and ended up with an MS in Electrical Engineering and a Jayhawk for life) to travel to:

Butte, Montana (she pronounces it Butt)

Arriving in Butte, Juanita runs into long haul trucker, Peaches (Ashlie Atkinson), who knows Montana and takes Juanita to Paper Moon, Montana, dropping her off in front of a classy French Restaurant in the middle of no where.

It is there that Juanita meets a wonderful Native American family and most importantly the Chef at the French Cuisine Restaurant (which only has three steady customers…all just drinking coffee), Jess (Adam Beach).

The rest is history. Needless to say, Blair is no longer needed. 😉

To find out what happens, you will have to watch the movie on Netflix.

Juanita is a fun coming of age movie…..even though the people coming of age are hovering around 50 years old.

It’s never to late.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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