“Otherhood” Movie Review

The kids, all boys, have grown up, moved out, and now ignore their mothers! They all live close to each other in New York City.

The mothers are depressed because the boys ignore them, so they decide to force themselves on their grown-up boys by visiting them, unannounced.

Surprise! 🙂

Well the surprise is on the mothers.

Helen Halston (Felicity Huffman) must come to terms that her son, Paul (Jake Lacy), loves her even though she is the last person to know that he is gay.

It’s tough, but, she almost prevails.

Gillian Lieberman (Patricia Arquette) must comes to terms that her son, Daniel (Jake Hoffman), is again single and there are no dating prospects in sight.

She fights the urge to set him up….and fails.

Carol Walker (Angela Bassett) is mourning the loss of her husband and must comes to terms that her son, Matt (Sinqua Walls), is moving on as a successful art director with “All Balls” magazine, and is quite the ladies man.

Letting her true self emerge, Carol eventually comes out of her shell.

“Otherhood” started out kind of slow, but, got better and better as the boys and moms started to understand each other. The boys realized that their moms love them no matter what, and the moms realize that there is a circle of life thing going on here and they need to chill and take care of themselves.

Fun movie.

Go to IMDb for more information.

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