“The Outcasts” Movie Review and Trailer

BFF’s Jodi (Victoria Justice) and Mindy (Eden Sher) are now seniors in high school.

Mindy has applied to MIT and has high hopes of having a new element named after her. Jodi is less sure of what she wants to do, but, it really good in music.

In school….because they value studying over partying….they are ridiculed and bullied by the cool kids.

Trying to end the “outcast” abuse….Mindy and Jodi confront the cool kids to try to come to an agreement where they can all live peacefully for the rest of their senior years.

The leader of the cool kids…..a total asshole who shall not be mentioned here…..agrees. Then, at a party, the bitch totally ruins Jodi’s life with a video compilation of Jodi in her room (Jodi clicked on an email link (NEVER EVER do that!) that loaded spyware on her computer….at least the bitch leader has some skills).


Sugar (Jazmyn Richardson), Mindy, Claire (Katie Chang), Jodi, Virginia (Ashley Rickards)

Jodi is willing to forgive and forget, but, Mindy goes nuclear and organizes the outcasts (see the picture above) and, eventually, the geeks, nerds, and techies…..to get even with the mean cool kids.

Who wins the war? Does Mindy get into MIT? Does Jodi figure out what her passion is? What happens to the Outcasts?

To find out, you can stream this movie on Netflix. 🙂

“The Outcasts” is a fun, quirky movie that you can set your brain aside for awhile and enjoy. I love Mindy’s pi t-shirts! Octopi……QT pi…..3.141516, the first 100 or so numbers…..oh, yeah…..geek here, so I LOVED this movie! 🙂

Go to IMDb for more information.

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