“The Weekend” Movie Review and Trailer

Zadie Barber (Sasheer Zamata) is a stand-up comic making zero money. The subject she jokes about is her breakup of three years ago to “Bradford”.

She is still suffering.

Bradford Collins (Tone Bell) and his girlfriend of two years, Margo Johnson (DeWanda Wise), are going to a Bed and Breakfast weekend with….of all people…..Zadie!

In the car, and before she knew Margo was coming along, Zadie gives Bradford a nice first edition very old signed book by W.E.B DuBois……with a bookmark: A picture of her and him the day she lost her virginity…to him.

There is still a connection there….but….oh, look, here comes Margo.

After they arrive at the B&B, so does Aubrey (Y’lan Noel) who is newly single but still wanted to stop at the B&B….for himself.

The four of them “bond”.

If you could call Zadie zinging Margo every chance she gets (she is being pretty mean, truthfully) and love blooming and bursting….bonding.

To see what happens you can stream this movie on Amazon Prime.

“The Weekend” is a very quiet movie. No action other than Zadie and Aubrey trying to make out in the back of a VERY small car. Sasheer is amazing. Her one liners hit like lightning then linger for the boom of the thunder.

I kept waiting for her and Kym to tear it up….but, they both stayed understated. Oh, yeah, Kym Whitley is Zadie’s mother and, also, was Yolanda from “Young & Hungry” one of our all time favorite series. 🙂

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Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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