“Candy Jar” Movie Review and Trailer

Lona (Sami Gayle) and Bennett (Jacob Latimore) are fierce academic competitors, the only members of the debate team, and….they hate each other.

Lona has her sights set on Harvard while Bennett wants to go to Yale.

And….being the overachievers that they are (believe me, we know!)…..they study, study, and then study more. Getting into Harvard and Yale is more important than parties, football games, and……friends.

In fact the only person each of them can talk to is the guidance counselor, Kathy (Helen Hunt), who, luckily has tons of candy in jars in her office for the kids to munch on.

But, one day….their world changes…..and Lona and Bennett now see the world as they have never seen it before: The well-rounded life that they have missed thus far, suddenly, becomes far more important than grades.

To see what happens, you can stream this movie on Netflix.

“Candy Jar” is a fun, sad, coming of age, story about two very intelligent overachievers who find out that there is more to life than grades and getting into “Harvard” or “Yale”. We know, all too well, how that goes. 😦

Go to IMDb for more information.

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