Donations to Teachers for Supplies

If you are a Tracy, CA TEACHER and want to be considered for a donation. Register here.

Update August 2020: I stopped doing these donations in 2019, but, now that I can’t visit a classroom to donate STEM / STEAM products…..I am going back to donating $50 to new teachers until a vaccine is ready and the pandemic eases.

Donations to Teachers for Supplies

2020 (Pandemic Re-Boot of These Donations)

Raney, 4/5 SDC, Bohn, $50

Kiranbir, Home Ec., Williams, $50

2019 ($650 total)

Rachel, K/1, Special Ed, Central

Claire, 7/8 Math, Williams

Shawna, 2/3 Special Ed Central

Teela, SDC Math, Williams

Monica, 4th Grade, Central

Angelica, 6th SDC Williams

Amanda, Kindergarten, McKinley

Shelby, 10th Resource, West High

Ashley, 6th grade, North

Stephanie, 4th Grade, Wanda Hirsch

Roy, 7th Grade Core, Williams

Jennifer, 4th Grade, Kelly

Colette, Social Studies, Tracy High

2018 ($400 Total)

Sharon, 2nd Grade, Jacobson

Dana, Kindergarten, Monticello

Nicolette, 4th Grade, South / West Park

Shauna, 9th grade, West High

Susan, 4th grade, Central

Kia, 6th grade, Williams

Grit, 5th grade, Traina

Justin, 4th grade special ed, Central

2017 ($100 total)

Monica, 2nd grade, Kelly

Ashley, 3rd grade, Kelly

2016 ($50 total)

Aubry, 3rd grade, Art Freiler Elementary

Long Ago… a Galaxy….

Tori and Joan Shopping Trip to Staples, $50

Myesha at Kelly Elementary gets $250



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