Movie Review: “Hubie Halloween”

Violet, Hubie

Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler) is a kindly man who thinks of everyone else but himself.

Living in Salem, Massachusetts (yes, THAT, Salem) Hubie is direct descendent of a woman who died protecting witches……his goal in life, at least on Halloween, is to protect the residents of Salem from harm.

Unfortunately, he is the object of ridicule by many since he has a speech impediment and a kindly demeanor. There is one person, however, who sees the real Hubie: Violet Valentine (Julie Bowen) has liked Hubie since they were in kindergarten. Hubie just does not see that…..yet.

This Halloween….several of those who make fun of Hubie disappear! And Hubie is on the case!

To see what happens, and who is behind the disappearances, you will have to watch the movie. 🙂

“Hubie Halloween” is a fantastic stupid, goofy, Adam Sandler movie filled with explosive vomiting, dogs pooping, a werewolf, an escaped mental patient, witches, and a ton of really cool cameos including, yes, Rob Schneider. :-))))))

I LOVED it….Lori hated it (so much for her being a die-hard Sandler fan). In fact, my face is still sore after smiling and laughing so much last night. 🙂 There is sooo much to see, I’ll need to watch it again to see how much I missed. For example, Burt Reynolds and The Captain and Tenille are posters, the t-shirts are funny as hell, and, did I say this already?…..Rob Schneider is in it (as is Kevin James). It is hilarious that everything thrown at Hubie misses, OMG. And they play that gag over, and over, and over….and it is still funny. Typical Adam Sandler…… 🙂

One character described Hubie / Sandler to a tee: “I’m jealous that you can be yourself”

Watch the credits for a touching tribute that shows you what kind of a guy Sandler really is, and probably why he gets sooo many actors for cameos.

Go to IMDb for more information

Drive Safe! Never Forget

More movies to watch as we wait for the next stupid move by our Orange leader….


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