“Death to 2020” Official Trailer

My feelings, and I’m pretty sure I am not alone, but, I am GLAD to see this year put behind us! Emergency surgery, the Orange idiot causing all sorts of trouble, and, oh, yeah……a f**king pandemic (coronavirus, COVID-19) that killed hundreds of thousands…..including some of our favorites of all time. Joe, we know your favorite color was John Deere Green….we miss you! 😦

Stay safe, wear a mask, stay away from people, and get the vaccine when you can!

Onward to a better world for all, starting…..tomorrow!

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

More thrillers, mysteries, and comedies to watch as we welcome 2021!

Telecommuting, Videoconferencing, Remote Work all ROCK.

Keep remote working even after the pandemic ends.

Geek on!


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