“Good on Paper” Movie Review

Well known stand-up comedian, Andrea (Iliza Shlesinger), is having a great career, but feels she can do better.

One day at the airport, she is waiting for her plane when a guy, Dennis (Ryan Hansen), finds her boarding pass that she accidentally dropped and gives it to her.

Nice guy.

On the plane, as luck may have it, Dennis has the seat next to Andrea and since he has seen her show…the two have a nice conversation during the flight…..with the promise of a good friendship to come.

Dennis is a Yale graduate and is a hedge fund manager. He has a beautiful home in Beverly Hills and buys Andrea lavish gifts.

A step up in every way, except looks, from the self-centered pretty-boy vacuous types she normally dates and beds.

Andrea falls in love.


Her best friend, Margot (Margaret Cho), supports this relationship and does her best to keep heavy drinker Dennis happy with free booze in her bar.

But……something is not right.

One day Andrea and Margot deliver a present to Dennis at his home and find he is living with two women!


Turns out……

Oh, to see what happens, you will have to watch the movie on Netflix. 🙂

“Good on Paper” is a quirky, laugh-out-loud funny movie with an undercurrent of creepiness. If you enjoy movies with a touch of weird humor, this is perfect! We loved it.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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