“The Ice Road” Movie Review

After knocking out a fellow trucker for making fun of his brother (who has a brain injury from the war) Gurty (Marcus Thomas), Mike (my hero, Liam Neeson) and his brother…..both lose their jobs.

A diamond mine in Canada has a horrific methane explosion that kills 8 miners and traps 26. The trapped miners have about 30 hours of air left, and their bosses are doing everything in their power to……

Kill them all!

Answering an emergency text for experienced ice road drivers, Mike and Gurty, head up to Canada and get a job with Goldenrod (Laurence Fishburne) to deliver mining equipment to the mine before the 30 hours expire. Note: The equipment is too heavy for a helicopter and there is no runway close by for a C-130. So the stuff has to be delivered by trucks. And, since this is April…..the ice is melting! Yikes.

Goldenrod bailed his best driver out of jail, Tantoo (Amber Midthunder), and the trio of drivers head to the mine on a virtual thin-ice suicide mission!

Tantoo, Mike, Gurty, Goldenrod

Disaster follows and a killer is revealed! And that killer will do anything to stop the truckers from saving the miners.


To see what happens, you will have to watch this movie on Netflix.

“The Ice Road” is a fantastic, TENSE, fast-paced movie that had Lori yelling at the killer and Liam alike. Liam (my hero) must have heard her, because he got his 70 year old body up off the ground, multiple times, to keep fighting until……

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Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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