“Petunia” Movie Review

The Petunia’s are one highly dysfunctional family.

Mom, Felicia (Christine Lahti), is a severely fucked up Psychologist. Dad, Percy (David Rasche), is the same. They have been married too long and, now that the kids are out of the house and they can actually enjoy life, decide they want a divorce.

Insecure middle child Michael (Eddie Kaye Thomas) just married Vivian (Thora Birch) who is pregnant (she thinks..) with brother Adrian’s (Jimmy Heck) child. Adrian is in therapy for sex addiction, and I suspect Vivian should be too (she definitely fits in with this family!).

Charlie is gay, currently celibate, and is hitting the rubber band extra hard to stop thinking about sex. At the wedding he meets George McDougal (Michael Urie) who is also gay and happens to live upstairs from Charlie. One day Charlie (who is now madly in love) meets George’s wife (WTF!!!), Robin (Brittany Snow), who is sexually frustrated for obvious reasons. She wants to have a threesome, her and two gay guys…should be fun.

Charlie, Robin, George


“Petunia” is a fun, dysfunctional, quirky, sexy, raunchy, low budget movie with some great, twitchy, performances by a surprisingly great cast. Not for kids!

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