Bug Found in the Latest Version of the Broadsheet Theme

UPDATE Sept 10, 2021: Bluehost / WordPress upgraded the theme last night and….it is FIXED!

UPDATE Sept 8, 2021: Pro Theme Design told me that they had found the bug and fixed it. We are just waiting for Bluehost / WordPress to install the fix. It may take a few days.

Oddly enough….yesterday….I finally purchased, and installed, my FAVORITE theme for WordPress.

Broadsheet has served me well for over a year on WordPress.com and I will use it here moving forward.

Last night I got an email that a new version of Broadsheet was automatically installed.

I took a peek and much to my surprise saw the BUG immediately.

This morning I figured out that the first post on the main page is replicated FOUR times in the FEATURED POST area!

In fact, if you go to other pages (in the menu) the first PICTURE seen is taken as the picture and then the page is replicated FOUR times.

I tried to change this to no avail……


This is funny (and ironic that I just installed it and it broke! The story of my life, actually). or not, depending how anal one is about dealing with BUGS.

The Broadsheet developer has been alerted (I sent them an email this morning), so we will see when it gets fixed!

Geek on!


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