Callie Rodriguez: NASA’s First Woman to Explore the Moon

Using graphic novels and augmented and virtual reality technology, NASA introduces us to Callie Rodriguez, the first woman to explore the moon.

With the upcoming Artemis program liftoff, NASA will, be sending a woman of color to the moon, these stories lead up to that occasion.

I grabbed this description from the “First Woman” web site: that summarizes Callie’s story:

First Woman tells the tale of Callie Rodriguez, the first woman to explore the Moon. While Callie is a fictional character, the first female astronaut and person of color will soon set foot on the Moon – a historic milestone and part of upcoming NASA missions. Through a series of graphic novels and digital platforms, First Woman aims to capture our attention and unite the next generation of explorers who will return to the Moon.”

One cool graphic on Callie’s web site is this:

Where they show a number of STEM / STEAM subjects. I clicked on “Math” and it allowed me to explore Algebra, Calculus, Stats, or Geometry in more detail.



Grab the graphic novels and download the app to learn STEM / STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) using AR abnd VR (which NASA calls: XR) technology.

Geek on!


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