“The Courier” Movie Review

“The Courier” is based on a true story. If you remember, or learned about, the Cuban Missile Crises…..go here for more info.

Oleg Penkovsky (Merab Ninidze) was in Russsian Prime Minister Khrushchev’s inner circle. As the head of the Science and Technology Beaureu and a GRU agent, he was privy to a number of advances and plans that, truthfully, scared the shit out of him.

Oleg was afraid that Khrushchev was going to go to war with the U.S. and fire a first strike of nuclear weapons…..from Cuba.

Finding two random American citizens in Moscow, Oleg gave them a letter to bring to their Embassy….NOW!

One of them, thankfully, did.

CIA Agent Emily Donovan (Rachel Brosnahan) and MI6 Agent Dickie Franks (Angus Wright) came up with a plan to connect with Oleg: Find a businessman who visits the area for business and have him do his thing while meeting with Oleg.

Wynne, Franks, Donovan

The businessmann they found was Greville Wynne (Benedict Cumberbatch).

And the rest is history of an EPIC magnitude: World saving magnitude.

You know the ending, more or less…..after all….you are here.

To see what happens you can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.

“The Courier” is a spectacular movie! I was shaking in my boots from the moment the two secret agents contacted Wynne and Cumberbatch conveyed the fear magnificantly. By the end of the movie we were drained. Fantastic pacing, fantastic acting, fantastic TRUE story. Wow! EPIC.

And to think…the Orange Idiot was in bed with the Russians. He is a traitor of epic proportions and should not be roaming around free spouting his stupidity.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drvie Safe! Never Forget.



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