Movie Review: “Long Story Short”

Teddy (Rafe Spall) is always putting things off until “later”.

New Years Eve, at a party, Teddy rushes (his normal way in his hectic life) to his girlfriend as the clock strikes midnight and kisses her!

Only problem is…..the woman he kissed is NOT his girlfriend!


As it turns out, that kiss leads to love as Leanne (Zahra Newman) and Teddy decide to tie the knot…..sometime…..later.

Visiting his dad’s grave in the cemetery, a mysterious woman overhears Teddy talking to his dad wishing he had more time with him and more time for dad to get to know Leanne.

That mysterious woman decides to give Teddy a wedding gift (actually two).

One gift is a tin can with a note to open this in 10 years. The second gift is a magical gift of foresight where, Teddy moves forward in his life in yearly increments, becoming aware of his surroundings only on his and Leanne’s anniversary…..

One year later, then two years, then three……..WTF?

Well, 10 years speed past and……oh to find out what happens, you will need to watch the movie on Netflix. 🙂

“Long Story Short” is a slightly weird movie with lots of laughs and the uncomfortable premise of life passing him by (although looking back as a 70 year old…..those snippets are clear now, and it happened so quickly). It was fun figuring out the ending (which I did!) well before the end. Rafe, Zahra, and Ronny Chieng (Teddy’s friend, Sam) are fantastic.

The moral of the story: Time is indeed short and putting off the good stuff for “later” is not a great idea. Grab your passion and go for it….NOW!

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

We love you and miss you, Carol. 😦


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