Movie Review: “Eternals”

Celestial Arishem (David Kaye) has been working towards the birth of a Celestial on Earth for millions of years.

To encourage human population growth (Celestial births require the energy from billions of people), Arishem built, and programmed, “Deviants” to rid Earth of the nasty animals that kept human population growth under control.

But… is normal in our real world…..Arishem screwed up the Deviant’s software and they became predators of humans as well as the animals they originally were meant to kill. Ooops.

Note: Arishem did not have kill switch / fail safe software intalled and he did NOT test his design before releasing the Deviants. Shame on him!

Sooooo, to stop the Deviants…..

Gilgamesh, Sprite, Ajak, Makkari, Ikaris, Kingo, Phastos, Druig, Thena, Sersi

Arishem designed and built the Eternals who did a great job over thousands and thousands of years fighting the Deviants. They finally eliminated the Deviants and went about their prime objective of helping the human population thrive.

Just as Earth was reaching the number of people needed to support the Celestial birth, a guy named Thanos f’cked things up, 5 years ago, by getting rid of half the population.

Is Thanos a good guy?….because…..

An unfortunate side-effect of a Celestial birth is that Earth, and billions of people, would DIE!

Thanks to Thanos, the end of Earth was delayed. Whew!

But then, the Avengers stepped in, and in a well-intentioned snap…..

Billions of people returned to Earth, and, now, the Celestial birth, with plenty of people energy, will take place in 7 days.

The Eternals need to work together to save Earth….but….wait……some of the Eternals only care about the Celestial birth! WTF!

The battle lines are drawn between the “good” Eternals and the “bad” Eternals.

Will there be a Celestial birth causing billions to die??…..OR…..Will Earth will be saved?? Who are the bad Eternals? Who are the good Eternals?

To find out… can watch this move on Disney+. 🙂

“Eternals” is a truly groundbreaking Marvel film. It is funny and tense, it is thoughtful, intelligent, and it REALLY makes you think and study to learn more about the Marvel Universes to fully understand and appreciate this movie. The haters are too stupid to do any real thinking other than memorizing three word chants.

“Eternals” is simply a stupendous movie!

But learn as much as you can about the Marvel Universes before watching….for example, look up who Dane Whitman is.

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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