Movie Review: “Uncharted”

Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) was left alone in the orphanage when he was 10 years old after his older brother, Sam, left after being caught stealing a map of Magellan’s around the world route.

On his way out, he left Nathan with a ring to hang around his neck and the promise that he will never really leave Nathan.

Well…..he kinda did.

15 years later

Nathan is now an adult and working as a bartender and pick-pocket. He is somewhat of an expert on the history of Magellan and hopes one day to find the hidden treasure. Oh, did I forget to mention that Magellen did not complete the world tour (he died in battle), but, he DID hide a treasure in gold somewhere……and it has never been found.

Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) knew Sam as an adult and has now found Nathan to work together to find the treasure.

Unfortuantely, some bad people are following them, and…..

Oh, to see what happens you can buy this movie for $19.99 on VUDU. Or wait a week or two to rent it……

“Uncharted” is a fun action adventure movie based on a Sony Playstation game. Think Tomb Raider. There is one really cool cameo, but, only if you dig a little deeper on who the guy on the beach is. 🙂

Go to IMDb for more information.

Drive Safe! Never Forget.

More action adventures…..


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