Movie Review: “Burn Your Maps”

10 months ago, after just 6 months and 2 days of life, Lily died.

Now, Alise (Vera Farmiga) and her husband Connor (Marton Csokas) are on the verge of divorce while 8 year old Wes (Jacob Tremblay) and high school graduate, Becca (Taylor Geare), are having their own problems.

Wes thinks he is a Mongolian goat herder and Becca can’t decided between computer science and ballet.

Wes’s issue is by the far the most troubling, as he is sure he was born in the wrong place and that he really is a Mongolian goat herder.

Alise is a teacher and is willing to let Wes’s fantasy play out, while Conner is a stick in the mud by the books kinda guy and Wes’s goat fantasy is driving him nuts….and away.

Then a funny thing happens…….

Oh, to see what happens you can watch this movie on Amazon Prime. 🙂

“Burn Your Maps” is a tough movie about; life, death, and dealing with grief which everyone deals with differently and with a different time frame. We know. Overall……this movie is funny, heartbreaking…….yet uplifting. Bring tissue.

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Drive Safe! Never Forget.

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