Movie Review: “Breaking News in Yuba County”

Sue Buttons (Allison Janney) has been ignored most of her life.

No more so than now.

At the grocery store to buy herself a birthday cake, her name is spelled “Suc” instead of Sue, and the folks in the store don’t give a shit.


Walking in the door at home we find out that her husband, Karl (Matthew Modine) is cheating on her and, even before they can talk, he escapes out the door to meet his lover.

Actually……we eventually find out he is up to much more than cheating on his wife.

Watching the news, Sue is jealous that the family of a missing teen is getting LOTS of attention. Secretly, she wishes that was her.

Well……Sue actually gets her chance to shine in the limelight thanks to her newswoman sister, Nancy (Mila Kunis), and does her best to stay in it.

Unfortunately, by doing this, she has stirred up a hornets nest and the killings start.

After a bloody violent death toll that would make R.R. proud……we finally understand….and……

Oh, to see what happens, you will have to watch the movie on Amazon Prime. 🙂

“Breaking News in Yuba County” is one weird ass movie! Alternately hilarious and violently bloody, and in one scene both together. I question the minds of the people who made this movie. Hmmmm, I question the minds of the people who watched it and enjoyed it! 😉

Not for kids or the squeemish. What a cast! Stars everywhere, even one of my favs…..Nora, errr, Awkwafina…..who buys the hatchet…..oh, sorry, no spoilers. 😉

Go to IMDb for more information.

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