Movie Review: “CODA”

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CODA = Child of Deaf Adults

Ruby Rossi (Emilia Jones) is the youngest child of Jackie (Marlee Matlin) and Frank (Troy Kotsur) and the sister of Leo (Daniel Durant).

Leo, Jackie, Frank

Ruby is the only member of the family that can hear.

As such, she is critically important to the family on their fishing boat, and in the world in general, even though Leo can read lips.

But……Ruby wants to sing, and as such, she joined the choir at school in the hopes of pursuing her passion: Singing.

The choir director, Mr. V (Eugenio Derbez) immediately appreciates her talent and offers to coach her for an audition at the Berklee School of Music.

Mr. V

Mr. V also teams her with Miles (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) to sing a duet at the next choir concert.

Ruby, Miles

Ruby’s world is about to change…….as are the lives of her family.

To see what happens, you can watch this movie on Apple TV+.

“CODA” is a stupendous, beautiful, and heartwarming movie about family, love, and acceptance. Simply stunning…..a masterpiece.

The movie won 3 Oscars in 2022 including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor (Troy Kotsur). See my Oscar winners post of 2022 here…..

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Ruby signing “I Love You” or “I Really Love You”

For more information on American Sign Language, go here.

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